The Republican Party is not a location on the map.

It is not just a political entity registered with the State Campaign Commission meeting the requirements for a party structure. But, the Republican Party exist in the hearts and minds of those who hold to its true foundation with a calling for Equal Justice and, Individual Liberty.

With a commitment as strong as that of the GOP founding generation and President Abraham Lincoln. Carrying on the best in American ideals by reflecting the vigor of President Teddy Roosevelt the quiet confidence of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the rock solid belief in the exceptionalism of America's people as demonstrated by President Ronald Reagan.

We believe the GOP is designed to serve the people of our state and nation as a shield for human freedom, liberty and prosperity.  

We're committed to grass roots leadership that will empower all of us to build a governing agenda that will lift Hawaii's people to achieve their full potential as citizens of our blessed Constitutional Republic.

If this is your heart then Join with Us and be confident to tell your friends about where we stand, united, as fellow citizens of our beautiful state.

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  • Paul Mossman
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